I became an expert at direct marketing and copywriting while working at The Oxford Club, an Agora affiliate. While there, I received training and worked in every step of a direct marketing campaign. Including…

  • SEO and PPC
  • Banner and Text Ads
  • Email Gauntlets and Funnels
  • Full Promotions - Short and Long Copy
  • Order Forms
  • Customer Contact and Priming
  • Renewals
  • And Much More

Most of this knowledge was gleaned through hands-on training and on-the-job experience, but The Oxford Club also sent me to more than one Copywriter Bootcamp and paid for my attendance in a year-long online copywriter course.

But, best of all, I moved to Vermont to study directly under Paul Hollingshead for six months.

If you don’t know who Paul Hollingshead is, look him up - he’s widely considered one of the greatest copywriters of the age.

After leaving The Oxford Club, I continued to create promotions for them. In addition, I’ve worked with numerous others, including Angel Publishing, Oil and Gas Bulletin, The Entrepreneur’s Club, Tradestops, Trippon Financial Research, The Barefoot Investor, Seduction Science, Chargeback Experts, and many, many more.

Nearly everything I’ve written has led to a new control. Below, I’ve got samples to some of my full promotions.

The Secret Hack Book promotion had a 4% conversion rate, even though it came out during the Christmas break.

The “Negawatt Box” promotion was so successful, the underlying stock jumped 137% as soon as the copy was released.

The “Single Most Profitable…” promotion is still converting today, even though it’s over five years old.

If you’d like to see other examples of my work - including other aspects, like email gauntlets - just
let me know.

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