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Compliant Copy Comes to Direct Response

Ryan Cole is a leading pioneer of a new type of financial direct response copy: Legally compliant copy.

With the recent troubles that have plagued the industry — from massive fines, to the threat of outright jail time for fraud — any wise financial marketer realizes the game has changed.

But most copywriters are locked into an old model — using fear and greed in non-compliant ways. You don't want that — the better any package does, the greater your legal (and, by extension, financial) risk.

Ryan knows how to write legally compliant copy that works. Witness his recent completion of a FINRA-compliant issuer offering for a Reg CF raise of $1.07 million.

Witness his success creating copy outside of finance.

And his ability to sell financial products without resorting to outlandish profit claims, or doom prophet-teering.

If you need help in any of the following areas, talk to Ryan:

  • Lead Generation
  • Full Promo Packages
  • Email Funnels
  • Abandon Carts
  • Hotlist Builds
  • VSLs
  • Short Copy
  • Advertorials
  • Magalogs
  • Space and Banner Ads
  • Social Media Marketing

Below are a few samples from different points of Ryan's career, selling different types of products. His Reg CF offering will be added as soon as it is live. If you'd like to see other examples of his work — for different styles, formats, or subjects — you can make a request here.

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