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Storytelling that Fascinates

Ryan has been telling stories for decades — and he knows that spinning a good yarn is an essential part of content creation.

Of course, Ryan's stories are always fact-based. He goes above and beyond in his research — often consulting primary sources, including government documents and official filings, and interviews with key people — to produce unimpeachable articles.

Many writers think that storytelling and research don't go together. Ryan knows the combination is the secret magic of great content. Present readers with truth, told in an entertaining way, and you'll have a loyal reader for life.

Ryan has been Editor-in-Chief for a number of publications, including Unconventional Wealth, Equifund, and Small Cap Insider. He has ghostwritten for different doctors working in the health sphere. He's been a publisher himself — of Walden Publishing, a discontinued affiliate of International Living.

His work has appeared in The Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, Investment U., Oil and Gas Bulletin, The Barefoot Investor, and many more.

Ryan currently publishes his own Substack newsletter sporadically — This Time It's Different.

Below you'll find a small sampling of some of Ryan's recent writing. To see other examples — for different voices, subjects, or formats — drop Ryan a line.

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